Mr. Visalli

Welcome to Mr. Visalli"s Math AIS Class!!!

What is AIS or Intervention Services?

AIS or Academic Intervention Services are extra supports offered to students to help improve their ELA and/or Math skills.  According to New York State Education Department, AIS means additional instruction and/or student support services that supplement the instruction provided in the general curriculum and assist students in meeting the NY State Common Core learning standards.  Intervention Services are intended to assist students who are at risk for not achieving the Common Core learning standards. 

How did my child get in AIS? 

At Roberts Street Elementary School we utilize multiple measures to determine a child's need for Intervention Services.  For specific information on your child, please contact me.  

Is there regular notification of my child's progress?

Parents are notified in writing when their child enters and/or exits AIS services.  Parents are also notified of student's progress at the 10-week mark. If you would like to further discuss your child's individual progress, please schedule a meeting with me.