Beginning the Year...

September 6, 2019


Dear Parents and Guardians,


     The past couple of days have been great! I’m looking forward to working with your child, and with you, to make this a very successful year. It was wonderful to meet so many of you at Open House! You may have some additional questions and I hope this letter will answer most of them.


     We are currently reviewing reading, writing, and math skills. We will begin our modules in ELA and math next week. Your child will also have science and social studies daily.


     Students will have homework at least four nights a week. Homework will usually include math, reading, and spelling. Science and/or social studies homework will also be given on a regular basis. Your child should not have more than forty minutes of homework per night, and will often have the opportunity to get started on it at school. In addition, I expect students to read for at least twenty minutes per day outside of school, including weekends. That may be done independently, or with a partner.


     Late or missing homework assignments will have a negative impact on grades. If your child is absent I will allow additional time to make up missed work, and there will be several opportunities for extra credit work throughout each marking period.  


      Every week we will “spotlight” one student.  Your child will tell about

him/ herself and share pictures if possible.  There will be a question and answer session at the end.  Students will know one week ahead of time.


     If you would like to send in treats for your child’s birthday they must be store bought due to health regulations.



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Our “special” schedule is on a six day rotation as follows:


Day  1         Physical Education

  • 2Library
  • 3Physical Education
  • 4Art
  • 5Physical Education
  • 6Music


     I will be sending graded work home every Friday in your child’s “Friday Folder”.  There is a cover sheet this week which explains the procedure. The folder will also contain your child’s spelling words for the following week   


     If you have any additional questions please contact me at school

697-2029 or email me at  [email protected].



Thank you!




Mary Beth Bargabos