Homework Policy

  • For every day the homework is late, it is -5 points.
  • If it is not completed by the end of the week, the assignment receives a zero.
  • If any student does not have the homework completed when it is due, the child is required to stay in after school or during recess to complete the missed assignment

Homework Club

 What?- Students stay after school for extra help or a quiet place to do their homework with permission from guardians and the teacher. 

When?- MOST Mondays, Tuesday's and Thursday's from 2:10- 2:55. Students can either be picked up in the office, leave as walkers (if they are typically walkers), or take the late bus home. 

Why?- This time is for students who need extra help with content, who need a quiet place to do homework, or who owe work that they need to make up. 

How?- Students are sent home with a letter at the beginning of the year granting them permission to stay after without having to call each time.
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