Principal's Message

Building a Culture of Community, Engagement, and Social-Emotional Well-Being!

Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers, and Community Partners,

Welcome to Roberts Street Elementary School where students, teachers, and all staff members are provided with a safe and nurturing learning environment with high expectations for academic achievement and social-emotional growth and well-being. Roberts Street Elementary school will provide a safe, respectful environment ensuring that all students achieve their fullest potential to meet the demands of a rigorous curriculum, while utilizing 21st Century Skills and emerging technology through working with parents and strategic community partners to becoming career and college ready. Roberts Street Elementary School will be driven by data analysis and action planning, student work, and a school culture that is responsive to the needs of students, families, and the entire school community.

The Roberts Street Elementary students will be provided with personalized pathways and opportunities to think critically, problem solve, develop global awareness, and collaborate with their peers and all instructional staff. Students will be held accountable for their own learning and decision making through timely and specific feedback as well as restorative measures and consequences. Students will be provided with platforms to make safe, authentic choices as well as opportunities to regulate their own learning and behaviors. Above all, students must be active and engaged participants in their own learning and social-emotion growth.

Attendance is critical. One of the major shifts in student and school accountability is the focus on student attendance and chronic absenteeism. In addition to being held accountable for increasing proficiency on New York State Math and ELA Assessments in grades 3-6, all schools throughout New York State must formulate a cooperative plan to increase student attendance and decrease chronic absenteeism. Our school goal is to reach 100% attendance in grades K-12 each and every school day and WE NEED YOUR HELP and SUPPORT in achieving this goal. ATTENDANCE MATTERS!

In order to achieve our school’s goals and realize our enduring mission, I would like to offer my commitment goals to parents, guardians, caregivers, and community partners:

  1. I pledge to keep ALL students safe, secure, and supported at all times.
  2. I pledge to provide students with access to equitable pathways to becoming career and college ready students as well as productive citizens of our storied community.
  3. I pledge to provide students with opportunities to develop 21st century skills including access to evolving technology and high quality teacher instruction.

I ask parents, guardians, and caregivers to commit to:

  1. Respecting the teacher’s expertise and professional preparation.
  2. Allowing the school personnel to hold your child accountable for their learning and decision making.
  3. Increase and stabilize our daily attendance by ensuring that your child attends school each and every day.